Here’s an extract from the very first game design and story for Everything or Nothing…

Prologue – Pre-Title Mission

The game starts straight into the first mission – there is no interface screen of any kind, just an Iris opening directly into the scene – just like the movies! The aim of this scene is to drop Bond (and the player) directly into the action with no ambience threatening interruptions. It is the start of Bond’s journey, and, starting with Act1, Scene1: New Orleans, we intend to show him falling from his famous height as an international superspy and have him reach his lowest point very quickly indeed – to be branded a traitor is a suitably shocking revelation to kick-start Bond’s personal journey to redemption. For now, the ‘Prolog’ concerns itself with showing Bond at the peak of his powers, facing off against incredible odds, dealing with some world threatening event. It is more akin to dropping into the very climax of any previous Bond movie or game. … just a glimpse for the player of what he will hope to attain through playing the game, guiding Bond back ‘to the light’…

imagePrologue: ‘Downtown’ Islamabad, Pakistan

(Alternate is Calcutta, India)

1. STORY PROGRESS: Bond is right in the middle of a mission. He has the document he came to get, securely held in his Q-Case. Note that this document is a ‘Maguffin’ and will play no further part in the story. Suffice to say this is a World-threatening situation and Bond is in the process of saving the World yet again.  We are establishing a larger Geo-Political framework for the game to work within. M is continuously briefing Bond from a remote position – Bond is receiving these transmissions via his Pack – the MI6 representation of the game interface. Bond also carries his PPK and Q-Claw. Bond is just exiting onto the roof of a very high building – it’s the Supreme Court of Islamabad, a modern work by world renowned Architect Kenzo Tange. Bond is trapped – what seems like the entire Pakistani army has surrounded the building and are actively hunting him. Army helicopters circle overhead. The entire force is being co-ordinated by the fearsome General Jabar, otherwise known as ‘The Sikh’. He is a fearsome cross between Jabba the Hutt and the former Ugandan despot, Idi Amin. We will encounter this character later in Act2, but for now, we can just introduce his shadowy presence. Another Double-0 agent, Isabella Scorapinni (009) is circling in a helicopter. She is there to extract Bond and will help guide him through this ‘mini’ mission.

2. CORE LOCATION Bond is on the top of a modern Skyscraper in the heart of Islamabad. This is the Supreme Court Building, and is currently swarming with an army of grunts, tanks and helicopters. The sound of radio chatter and military manoeuvres is accompanying the ever tightening of the army cordon. Enemy soldiers are variously; charging up the stairs, firing rockets from lower windows, strafing in helicopters and expert troops are ascending up the sides of the building. 009 is unable to land to extract Bond and is desperately circling, evading the pursuing choppers and barking out instructions. There is only one way to go – over the side…

image3. MISSIONS AND ‘BOND CRAFT’ CHECKLIST: Bond’s only objective here is to Escape (Bond Craft #7) by evading the enemy forces long enough to be extracted by 009. Bond must get himself into a suitable position for extraction by following closely the instructions from 009. He cannot hope to continually repel the advancing enemy for ever.

NOTE: This mission follows closely the design for the original Bond3 ‘skyscraper prototype’ design. The intention is not to train Bond for the missions ahead, rather to lead him through a seat-of-the-pants experience where he is experiencing the full flow of the game in action without the encumbrance of actually having to know what he is doing!

4. MAP TEMPLATES: See (Ref P-a etc) Modern ‘skyscraper’ structure surrounded by a few blocks of indistinct commercial buildings. Roadblocks and heavily armoured vehicles define the area boundaries. Bond is additionally limited by an inability to survive for very long against incredible odds – its like he is taking on a whole country. Ambience reference – ‘Blackhawk Down’.

5. ZONE IMPLEMENTATION: Always high threat, always on full alert. No disguise or stealth modes fully available. Timed to co-ordinate with radio message transmissions. Overwhelming event always eventually occurs.

6. ‘BOND CRAFT’ SEQUENCES: ESCAPE (BOND CRAFT #7) Primarily in Action mode only, there may be a few opportunities for stealth play on the roof itself. Bond uses his Q-claw gadget and his firepower to make progress to the extraction point. A number of enemy event sequences will force reactions from Bond – these include; Enemy burst from stairs on the roof; enemy grapple up the building walls in waves; Enemies fire from balconies; The ‘Magnificent 7’ appear on the roof above Bond and rappel down after him. Mission-critical events include 1. Getting off the roof before ‘x’ number enemy helicopter strafing runs. 2. Destroying the stinger-firing enemy racketeers before they bring down 009’s helicopter. 3. Q-claw extraction before ‘x’ number of passes by 009’s helicopter. 4. Blasting the oncoming helicopter as it tries to slide up the side of the building and slice him to death.


Gadgets: Bond starts with his Q-Claw and will be guided through its use by 009. He will be able to shoot and secure the grapple, and rappel up or down the building façade. He will be able to attach and detach, and finally acquire a moving (helicopter) target. Bond will also have his Q-Case and must make sure he doesn’t leave it behind. This gadget will occupy Bond’s left hand for most of the mission.

The Pack: Bond will start with a full-featured Pack interface, full of interesting but non-essential background on the current mission. Some reward cards will be randomly displayed and a number of these will be greyed-out. A super-bonus card acquisition can occur if Bond spots ‘The Sikh’. Other rewards ( temporary this time, as Bond will lose his Pack in the next mission) include ‘Rocketeer’, ‘Tank buster’ ‘Uzi’ and ‘The Islamabad Agreement’ (the Maguffin, in his Q-Case).

Weapons: Bond is equipped as always with his trusty PPK. He will later be able to recover an Uzi from an assailant. This will introduce Bond to the concept of limited ammunition and disposable weaponry, generally acquired from fallen foes. Finally Bond will have to grab a Rocket Launcher to make the final Helicopter shot. He also is well versed in the rudiments of the secret service equivalent of the Martial Arts, and may be drawn into a limited Hand-to-hand sequence.



James Bond, international Super-Spy, at the top of his game – but not for long…

Isabella Scorapinni, 009 (Red-headed Italian based on Isabella Scorupco) gorgeous MI6 agent and assassination specialist. Later to become ‘Scorpio’ – murderous Double Agent.


General Jabar, otherwise known as ‘The Sikh’ – introduction only, no connection to the Zodiac High Table.

[NOTE: Potential mini- rail shooter here – “Helicopter Escape”. We will make ‘driving’ suggestions for every area in the game…]
Amidst the spectacle of thunderous explosions and disintegrating helicopters in the background, we finish the PROLOGUE mission on a kiss’n’a quip between Bond and Isabella and we fade out to the throbbing sound and visuals of a whirling helicopter blade. As the title screens start to roll and the specially commissioned title song begins to play (Bowie in ‘Heroes’ mode) we have a lot to ponder. As the title song continues, the abstract forms of several naked dolly-birds fades in to…

The whirring chopper blade transforms into the rotating fan of a colonial style hotel bedroom ( too Apocalypse Now? – ok then…)
The undulating Sahara of white-as-sand sheets, close up, a landscape of shifting carnal motion.
Text Over: ‘Six Months later”
A voice over transmission from M begins, and we slowly pull back to reveal Bond listening to, and acknowledging the call…
…we hear from M that we will be working closely with 009 on this one, and that we should get on top of the situation…
… we pull back further to discover that Bond is, in fact, already on top of the situation as the gorgeous red locks of Isabella Scorapinni, 009, sweep into frame.
M: “…I expect you to work closely with 009, Bond, she’s the best surveillance agent MI6 has got…”
Bond: “…I’m working on it as we speak, Ma’am…”

The sound of New Orleans Jazz fills the air, a faint undertone of the Bond theme gives way to the swinging sounds of Mardi Gras and a solitary, beautiful tenor saxophone.
Bond and 009 are in the 2nd floor bedroom of a French Quartier hotel, sun is streaming in from the ornate balcony outside.
The camera fades as the couple arises, and fades in again on the pair, now fully dressed, standing in the middle of the room…

Now Bond can chose to examine the ‘Pack’ he picked up – and thus open the player interface that will continue to evolve throughout the game.

Notes on the Pack: (See Interface Docs) The Pack is a high Tech cross between a PDA, a laptop, and a pile of Hyper-cards. Used by MI6 Superspies, it is being used by Bond to record his gamey functions, store his rewards and bonuses, and generally do everything that a normal interface does. The Pack continues to add data on Bond Girls and Supervillians encountered, keeps current info from MI6 (help), and allows him to view Q-Specs data recordings, computer files and the like. Here his ‘madden like’ Bond Girl Cards can be thoroughly examined or printed off as useful posters. Slowly a complete picture of Z.O.D.I.A.C. will emerge, through it’s twelve distinct players and it’s nefarious puppet master. Zodiac-activity ‘interactive cut-scenes’ can also be earned and entered here.

ACT ONE: Bond Alone

Act 1 Scenario 1: French Quartier, New Orleans, USA.

(Alternate is Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti)

STORY PROGRESS: The story opens with a voice over from ‘M’ detailing Bond’s latest assignment – the surveillance of a motorcade parade headed by the eminent politician and millionaire industrialist John Randall Kane. Kane is a potential target for various activist conservation groups, and MI6 have been called in after getting wind of a possible assassination plot. This turns out to be quite true!

Bond is told to liaise closely with Isabella Scorapinni, agent 009 (Scorpio), and as the scene opens it turns out that he is already liaising with her, pretty closely indeed. 009 is a Surveillance expert and will brief Bond on the techniques to employ and the gadgets to use.

It’s Mardi Gras.

Bond is about to be framed by the Traitor, 009. She is in fact Scorpio in the Zodiac Organization, a trained assassin. Bond will be ‘handed’ the smoking gun, and placed in a situation where it looks like HE is the traitor, and has just assassinated Kane. From this point, and for the duration of Act 1, Bond will lose contact with his allies at MI6. He is on his own.

Bond will meet Brittany Kane for the first time. She will later turn out to be Virgo, a semi-unwitting accomplice to the Zodiac Organization. She will need to be rescued…a lot.

Bond will track 009 to her lair, a final location at which the first ‘Boss fight’ of the game occurs.                                   

1. Core Location:
Bond and 009 are in the bedroom of a balconied 2-story hotel in the heart of the New Orleans French quartier (Cog #1). The balcony overlooks a narrow alley which leads to a ‘T’ junction where the motorcade passes by on a main street. The sound of Dixieland Jazz fills the air as the distant crowds scream and wave to the motorcade and the smiling figure of JRK accompanied by his beautiful 21 year old daughter Brittany (Virgo). Various events are occurring in the almost deserted street – a woman is throwing out her bath-water, a man stands smoking on an adjacent balcony, children come and go. Two suspicious looking characters emerge from a side street and walk past the hotel – they are wearing dark suits and sport exotic looking tattoos. Opposite, Bond can see a derelict warehouse, with the ground floor taken over by the storage of huge carnival floats, and the upper floors seemingly deserted.
Cog #2 is the area around a classic New Orleans Graveyard, full of Voodoo ambience and mysterious crypts. This area can be directly connected to the French Quartier area. Bond is following the trail of 009 (Scorpio) here and fighting her voodoo-style Henchmen. He will also be avoiding the Authorities who believe him to be a dangerous traitor.
Cog #3 is an ancient and decrepit Plantation House surrounded by Mangrove swamp. This house is in the style of ‘deserted Gone-with-the-Wind’ and within its grounds lie a Boathouse and an ancient Voodoo Ceremonial Site. There is a direct connection between the Graveyard of cog #2 and the Voodoo Site, via a Crypt. Here Bond will have a final confrontation with 009 (Scorpio), Brittany (Virgo) may or may not be present.

[NOTE: Potential Driving Mission here – “Swamp Aerofoil Chase”. Bond can pursue 009 from the New Orleans crypt (Secret Tunnel) and follow her through Lake HYPERLINK “http://schools.bigchalk.com/members/lakeshorelinks” Pontchartrain to the mangrove swamps surrounding the old plantation estate and the boathouse. Can be fancy Everglades-like aerofoil or simple speedboat. Possible drive, follow and evade rather than combat.]

3. MISSIONS AND ‘BOND CRAFT’ CHECKLIST: Bond’s initial primary object here is to surveil (Bond Craft #4) the surrounding area, watch for anything suspicious and react accordingly. To this end, 009 gives him a brief run down of his first gadget, the new, improved Q-specs – that is, once she’s got semi-dressed of course. Bond and 009 go out on the balcony and begin their stake-out;
3.1 Surveillance – Bond must focus on the motorcade ahead and not get distracted by the events going on around him – including the semi-naked lovelies waving to the motorcade from the balcony at the corner (shades of Mardi Gras). Bond records everything he focuses his Q-specs on, and to be truly successful this will include the explosion that is about to occur. Bond starts by training in the use of this gadget.
3.2 Betrayal (Bond Craft #10 Enemy Craft) – during this stake-out, 009 suddenly receives a transmission through her Pack headset (clever Bond may train his Q-specs on her and receive bonus information). She then makes some excuse and takes off down the fire escape and disappears. This is directly at odds with the mission briefing, so Bond is confused.
3.3 Action/Hand-to-Hand (Bond Craft #6 – Track) – Bond must discover what is going on and must follow the trail left by 009. This will be impeded by sequences that can be approached in any mode, including Stealth and Hand-to-Hand.
A knock at the door makes Bond react – he can open it, but it will be kicked down soon enough. Enter the two thugs that Bond may have observed and recorded on the street below. Bond must use his PPK or Hand-to-hand combat skills to defeat these opponents. He can also use the context sensitive environment around him – the wicker chairs and table set (which the enemy will start to use first as a learning process), and maybe even the curtains or ceiling fan. If Bond gets into serious trouble in this easy fight, then the assailants will mysteriously run away.
Bond must make his way from the bedroom and down through the hotel to the street. He may meet other thugs along the way ( 2-3 body and head types). None will be armed with more than a baseball bat or fists. Out on the street, Bond finds no trace of 009 –as he walks towards the motorcade, suddenly it explodes in a huge ball of flame.
3.4 Rescue the Princess! (Bond Craft #7 – Rescue/Protect) - Running from the wreckage of the destroyed motorcade and the fast advancing fire is Brittany Kane. Bond must hook up with her and tries to rescue her from harm. To simplify this early mechanic and provide somewhat of a learning process, Brittany will practically fall into Bond’s arms and lead him away.
3.5 Search and Destroy (Bond Craft #2 – Assault) – As Brittany wriggles clear of Bond, Bond enters the warehouse. It can be noted that Brittany Kane is our games ‘Virgo’ – innocence with a twist. She will continue to help Bond for the duration of Act 1. The warehouse is full of colourful Carnival Floats and giant Helium Heads (see Woody Allen) – and probably also full of deranged henchmen! Bond makes his way up the stairs to a large open derelict floor. At the far end he spies the snipers perch and finds the Sniper Rifle and 009’s Pack. By playing 009’s tape he can discover two things – the mysterious message she received earlier was from one of ‘M’s lieutenants at MI6 – Sir Edmond Mallory (Anthony Hopkins), and footage of the actual assassination (now obviously performed by her!). Suddenly Bond is knocked cold in a confrontation with the traitorous 009.
3.6 Traitor! (Bond Craft #7 – Escape)  – Bond is caught holding the ‘smoking gun’. The police are out in force below, sirens wailing and megaphone-shouting. Note that is the police blockade of the immediate vicinity of the explosion that cleverly defines our ‘play-area’. Now Bond is trapped and must escape. He receives a mysterious message from Mallory, simply stating the word ‘Scorpio’…This transmission will also lead Bond to a proposed rendezvous point. Bond must escape the warehouse while avoiding the surrounding policemen (innocents).
3.7 Rendezvous (Bond Craft #5 – Infiltrate)  – Bond picks up 009’s trail again and it leads him past some henchmen and into a mysterious crypt. The crypt connects directly to a Voodoo Ceremonial Site deep in the surrounding swamp. Bond makes his way through to the Plantation house where he will have his final showdown with 009. (Boss Fight)
3.8 Boss Fight (Boss Fight #1) –This is the classic cat and mouse sniper game, played out in the desolate ruins of the old plantation house. Bond may have the complication of protecting Brittany (Virgo).

Bond will not actually kill 009 (Scorpio) – she will escape at the death and make her way to the Ceremonial site/Boathouse area. By the time bond gets there, she will be dead, horribly mutilated and strung up on the Plantation’s ‘Whipping Post’. Just before she dies, she may whisper something profound like “ …The Zodiac List…”
Boss Trap Mechanic: TBD
Map Templates: See (Ref 1.1.a etc) The beautiful but decrepit French quarter, very decorative. It’s Mardi Gras time so there is an air of celebration. Ambience reference – ‘Angel Heart’.
Zone Implementation: Varies
‘Bond Craft’ Sequences: TBD – see checklist above

Character, Gadget & Weapon Progressions

Characters: Isabella Scorapinni, 009 ( Red-headed Liz Hurley) gorgeous MI6 agent and assassination specialist. Later to become ‘Scorpio’ – murderous Double Agent. The two well-dressed men mentioned before are in fact murderous knife-wielding thugs immersed in voodoo ritual and acting under some kind of trance. Bond may encounter more of these in the Hotel and out on the street.


John Randall Kane – soon to be the victim of a sniper’s bullet. Brittany, his gorgeous daughter, a damsel in distress that needs saving – or does she?

The mysterious Mr T and Mr A – T and A stand for the Zodiac codenames of Taurus and Aries. These two characters are symbolic of the Bull and the Ram, and can be seen as our equivalent of bringing two great Bond villains together – OddJob and Jaws. They are unique Superspies that will be confronted directly much later in the plot.
For now, think of them as a combination of the following: Mr Kidd and Mr Wynt ( from Diamonds are Forever), Laurel & Hardy, T*ts & A$$. These are characters we want to establish early in order to make them worth killing. Further to this – in numerous scenarios they provide great bonus opportunities for Bond – If Bond manages to foil any of their terrorist cover-up acts, he will earn possession of their speciality weapon – the deadly Sticky Spider Bomb!

Gadgets: Bond starts with only his Q-Specs at their basic level, able to view, zoom and record in first person. 009 also sports her Q-Specs. Information is recorded from the digital 1st person readout into the Pack. Bond will later recover and rewind 009’s Q-spec data.

Weapons: Bond is equipped as always with his trusty PPK (with silencer), and ultimately will come across 009’s Sniper Rifle (the ‘Smoking Gun’ of the scenario). Bond may pick up generic automatic weapons from the Henchmen he encounters.

Explosivatin’ – One of the standard plot mechanics in the game is to have a series of evil espionage events occurring that are disguised by an Act Of Terrorism. This in effect is covering up the real purpose of these events (the Zodiac Plot) with a series of faked terrorist acts – apparently perpetrated by a radical environmentalist organisation (think Rabid Greenpeace). JRK was an obvious target, but perhaps Zodiac needed him out of the way for something else? If Bond had been wearing his Q-specs as directed to watch the motorcade, he will earn the bonus of actually seeing JRK going down by a single sniper bullet. He may also have noticed the shadowy figures of Mr T and Mr A leaving the scene.
We have seen Bond at his lowest point, branded a traitor and caught in a trap. Depending on how well we did, we have a certain level of bonus information. Why did 009 betray MI6 and shoot the Politician? Why was Bond framed for the murder? Who is the mysterious Mallory? Who, or what is ‘Scorpio’? Where did that pretty girl go? – I hope to see her again!  Why was the assassination plot ‘covered up’ by an act of mindless terror? The only way to go is up…
Notes – The only way for Bond now is to head to London to confront Mallory. At the moment he is isolated from MI6, so he must go it alone.

Bond arrives in London to pick up the trail of Sir Edmond Mallory (Anthony Hopkins), who will prove to be a Mole within the MI6 organization, and one of the Zodiac superspies – codename Capricorn. Bond will attempt to get into his London safe-house and contact Corinna Norton, his raven-haired Informant. Bond will use Corinna Norton to entrap the Mole, discover more about the List, and finally infiltrate MI6.