Heavy12 Hit MOJO Journo For Six!


Roll over Hanson and tell Hannah Montana the news. There are some new kids on the block and they’re rocking like Nemanja Vidic when Fernando Torres is in town.

Heavy12 they’re called, with a punky take on a classic rock’n’roll sound. Allie plays drums and sings. Charlotte shreds axe, sings and writes songs. Stephen plays the bass, but the others say he may soon be surplus to requirements: “He’s pretty good, but he’s quite old you know.”

At Frisco’s new rock club, Campbell’s Den, the scales fell from this jaded rock hack’s eyes as the trio burned off an intense cover version of Glasvegas’s Daddy’s Gone, putting inexplicable empathy into this anguished tale of a disreputable patriarch who struggles to manage a kickabout in the park with his progeny.

But the Nirvana-like energy and emotion of this explosive set opener was as nothing when compared with the band’s showstopper. Little Star is all the work of Heavy12’s girl genius, Charlotte Campbell. With a poignant chord progression that would have Ash’s Tim Booth ripping up his own Oh Yeah and trampling it to confetti, it’s an indication of the stratospheric trajectory this group are already on.

Tonight, a rock starlet was born!
By Danny Eccleston