“Destiny is important to me as a designer. It doesn’t matter that the player is headed towards a destiny that they are aware of; what’s essential is their freedom to choose their own path in getting there.”

Heavy Rain

Recently I did the script adaptation for the english language version of Playstation PS3 blockbuster Heavy Rain - I took the basic translation from David Cage’s French script and developed “voices” and dialogue for each of the characters.
The folk over at IGN liked the way it turned out, according to their Heavy Rain review…

“On the flip side, however, is the fact that the dialog is generally spectacular. Most every line is natural and written in an unforced manner, lending a great deal more realism to the characters. While I’m not talking about elongated monologues that would give Shakespeare a run for his money, the little things that people say are damn near perfect. Again, the delivery isn’t always spot-on, but the content certainly is.” also agreed in their review;

“The scripting is also first rate, dialogue naturalistic and unencumbered in a way video games seldom manage. At times the story will also sweep you off in control of other characters vital to the story, but for the most part Cage and co are keen to engender empathy with the central stars - all of whom are excellently voiced, and for the most part three-dimensional.”