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Heavy Rain, IGN PS3 Game of the Year 2010

More Heavy Rain Videos

Here’s a video of IGN’s PS3 Game of the Year Heavy Rain. I did the english adaptation of the script and worked again with my old buddy, the legend that is David Cage...

The folks at IGN had this to say…

“When we sat down to vote on the PlayStation 3 game of the year, not many of us were thinking Heavy Rain had a chance—this was the year of Red Dead Redemption, right? Well, as the debate began, a funny thing happened: we began to remember how awesome Quantic Dream’s haunting thriller was. We recounted questioning every decision, pausing the game to figure out if self-mutilation was really the only option, finding out who the killer was, and how many times we screwed up the ending. This was the game we all remember vividly and beat more than once—Heavy Rain is the best title on the PS3 this year.”